Books Read in 2013

Need to do a better job of note taking/outlining.

Security Analysis – The bible of investing
Thinking, Fast and Slow – Awesome look at the way we think
Margin of Safety – Klarman’s early take on value investing
Civilization (audiobook) – The rise of civilization…the West and the Rest
Guns, Germs, and Steel (audiobook) – Why did Europe and Asia evolve so differently than the rest of the world?
Antifragile (audiobook) – Great ideas by a pompous asshole.
Competitive Strategy – Porter’s bible
The Prize – The history of the oil business
The Art of Strategy – Great Thomas Jefferson biography
American Sniper – Autobiography of the late Chris Kyle, Iraq war sniper
Principles – Dalio’s manifesto (I guess not really a book)


About jaggybeans

Wall Street guy in Texas. Spent some time on the buy-side, more time on the sell-side and some corporate IR and finance work. Between gigs currently but looking buy-side. Avid reader. Always looking to improve. Fully aware that my shit stinks and so does yours.
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